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Blue Ridge Parkway Viaduct (Linn Cove) (

Through the National Endowment for the Arts, an honor only awarded to five bridges.  



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About FIGG

FIGG Bridge Group

FIGG Bridge Group (FIGG) is a family of companies specializing in design, management, and construction engineering and inspection. FIGG Bridge Builders, a separate construction company, provides construction management and precasting of bridges. Since 1978, FIGG companies have been pioneers in the bridge industry, creating sustainable designs that blend timeless artistry and engineering. Form and beauty are applied with the technical solution to express the individuality of the people and places the FIGG-designed bridge will serve.

More than 430 design awards

Three Presidential Awards through the National Endowment for the Arts, an honor only awarded to five bridges  

Featured on the covers of over 300 magazines and publications


15 Engineering News-Record covers for innovation and economy


History Channel/Modern Marvels specials


National Geographic special

May 2006 Roads & Bridges magazine top 25 bridges of all time:

In the time since FIGG began operations, the list included
14 bridges, 6 of which are FIGG Bridge designs

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FIGG Bridge Engineers
specializes in the management of diverse engineering teams for major bridge transportation projects and in the design of major concrete segmental bridges. 

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FIGG Bridge Inspection
performs field and inspection services with expertise in concrete segmental and cable-stayed bridge construction.

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FIGG Bridge Builders
provides construction management services and specialized construction leadership for segmental aspects of projects including the precasting of bridges.

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FIGG Bridge Managers
ensures the smooth and continuous operation of bridge facilities through management of routine maintenance programs and prompt, effective response to incidents.

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